Why Invest in Batam ?

Dear investor,
There are five main reasons to invest in Batam. Batam has:

1. Competitive labour wage

Indonesia’s labour wage including in Batam is still lower than labour wage in Malaysia and Vietnam. Labour wage comprise of about 20 percent of industry cost, so saving in labour wage can reduce industry cost. So in Batam industry can produce the same product with lower cost, but they can sell the product in normal price so they can get higher profit.

2. Complete infrastructure to support industry

There are some industrial estates located in Batam. Each industrial estate is supported with electric supply, gas supply, water supply, communication infrastructure, waste management facities, good security, and good transportation infrastructure. Those are managed professionally by the estate management corporation. Even a few of industrial estates provides employee dormitory with its complete supporting facilites such as market, post office, mosque, church, community centre, and shopping centre. By locating your business in industrial estate you can focus to the development of the business itself and of course you can reduce expense (compare if you built your own factory from the scratch).

3. Condusive investment and industry policy

• Batam local government has implemented the One Stop Services (OSS) system for managing permit documents such as location permit document, industry permit document, etc. With this system, it is easy and fast to request required documents for business purpose.
• Batam is free trade zone, there is tax deduction for industry operating in this FTZ area. Your product will have low production cost and that means the product is competitive in international trade.

4. High skilled labour availability

Batam already has some good technical schools and universities with industrial related program studies. The graduates from these schools can be the source of skilled labour. High skilled labour can also easily recruited from other areas in Indonesia such as Java and Sumatera.

5. Strategic location

With location that near Singapore, Batam is suitable for factory relocation that currently located in that island country. This strategic location also provides flexibility in logistics and supplier sources.

So what are you waiting for ? … Come and see, Batam is waiting for your visit and your investment. WELCOME..